Services Description Length of time Price (AUD$)
Dreamspell Individual Dreamspell Sessions 90 minutes 100.00
Exploration of Dreamspell course 12 weeks (2.5 hrs per session) 600.00 (or payable 50.00 per session)
Transpersonal Counselling Each session is designed towards the client's overall wellbeing.  90 minutes 100.00
Emotional Freedom Technique 90 minutes 100.00
Transcadence Massage Each session is designed toward the client's overall wellbeing. A nurturing and holistic experience is provided with an equal focus on your mind, body and spirit. 90 minutes 100.00
Reiki 90 minutes 100.00
Pranic Healing 90 minutes 100.00
Tarot Reading
I offer two styles of Tarot Sessions.(Phone Readings are available)
First Style : An overall Tarot reading that covers a 4 year period. 90 minutes 100.00
Second Style : A Tarot reading answering your specific questions.
House Blessing Single Storey Home 2 hours 180.00
Double Storey Home 2-3 hours 240.00
Rites of Passage Individual sessions 2 hours 180.00